N1 Technologies is currently testing a New Nano Technology Innovation that greatly improves the strength, impact resistance and conductivity of Glass. We call it "TungstenGlass"

By combining the attributes of (borosilicate-based glass) or Pyrex Glass with Tungsten and Carbon Multi Layered Nanotubes during the kiln melting process, Tungsten Glass is created. This advanced Super Glass is perfect for the demanding role associated with Smart Phones and Tablets. Manufactures of these Globally distributed products are keenly aware of the problems associated with the fragile glass they used on the front of their products.

The displays of electronic devices such as smartphones and tablet computers are commonly protected via glass that is specifically designed to resist scratches as well as reasonable amounts of damage from drops. However, the protection provided by protective glass is rather minimal and the glass is subject to significant cracking and other damage that can hinder convenient usage of an electronic device. In addition to compromising one’s ability to use an electronic device, replacement of damaged protective glass is often expensive. TungstenGlass seeks to improve upon conventional protective glass for use in protecting electronic displays and similar applications. The present invention is a borosilicate-based glass that is infused with tungsten and carbon nanotubes. The TungstenGlass innovation enhances the protective qualities of the glass by providing improved resistance to impact and scratching.

Multi layered Nanotubes have great spring type resistance and can absorb impact and return to their original shape. This spring like feature reduces various harmonic vibration in mechanical movements, due to it’s ability to absorb impact and rebound.

Electrical conductivity is greatly enhanced due the addition of Tungsten and Carbon Nanotubes to the glass. This can improve the interaction with human fingers and the device.

Tungsten Glass is the next leap in Smart Phone and Tablet Glass technology. Check back here for updates on this exciting new industrial product.